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Seit 3. Mai 2021 sind Archiv und Bibliothek mit Voranmeldung für BesucherInnen mit strengen Hygienemaßnahmen wieder geöffnet. Auch das Museum ist für die Öffentlichkeit wieder zugänglich (max. drei Personen gleichzeitig).

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen und Calls

10. Mai 2021 08:00 - 30. Juni 2021 23:59
CfP - WorkshopsNazis and Nazi Sympathisers in South America after 1945. Careers and Networks in their Destination Countries
Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, and Erich Priebke: These names are exemplary of the Nazi criminals who found refuge in South America after 1945. There, they either remained untroubled or were only made accountable for their crimes many years later. Investigations into th...Weiterlesen...
10. Mai 2021 18:00
VeranstaltungOlaf Terpitz: From the margins? Challenges to and perspectives of European Jewish literature studies
Vienna Jewish Studies Colloquium Hosted by the Jewish Studies Program at Central European University and the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies Please click here to register This lecture focusses on the condition of contemporary European Jewish literature studies – i...Weiterlesen...
12. Mai 2021 15:00
VWI invites/goes to...Petre Matei: Roma Deportations to Transnistria During the Second World War: Between Central Decision-Making and Local Initiatives
VWI goes to the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance This presentation focusses both on long-term perceptions by law enforcement agencies such as the police and on the local attitudes towards Roma in interwar Romania. In this context, paradoxically, both nomadism and sedentari...Weiterlesen...
19. Mai 2021 15:00
VWI invites/goes to...Messan Tossa: Artefakte des Holocaust im afrikanischen Kontext
VWI invites the Institut für Afrikawissenschaften an der Universität Wien Die zunehmende Verflechtung von Welten aufgrund der Überwindung realer Distanzen geht Hand in Hand mit der Übersetzung lokaler Eigenheiten in globale Repräsentationsmuster. Aufgrund dieser virtuellen Distanzlos...Weiterlesen...
25. Mai 2021 17:00
VWI invites/goes to...Kateřina Králová: Family (Inter)Mission – Unaccompanied Child Refugees in Europe in 1940s-1950s
VWI goes to the Czech Centre Vienna At the threat of violent conflicts, children and minors are undisputable the most vulnerable targets of physical and political hostilities. More often than not, this forces their parents to an uneasy decision to ensure their security, even at the c...Weiterlesen...
26. Mai 2021 16:00
VWI invites/goes to...Gerald Steinacher: Forgive and Forget? Vatican Responses to the Nuremberg Trials and Denazification
VWI invites the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna The leadership of the Catholic Church, Pope Pius XII and his closest advisors, as well as many cardinals and bishops, were critical of the Nuremberg war crimes trials and denazification efforts after the S...Weiterlesen...
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