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„Obchod na korze“ (The Shop on the Main Street, 1965, Jan Kádár / Elmar Klos, 121', OmeU

Donnerstag, 29. Jänner 2015, 18:30 - 21:30

Admiralkino, 1070 Wien, Burggasse 119


During the clerical-fascist Slovak State, “Tóno” Brtko, a docile and poor carpenter, is offered the possibility to ‘aryanise’ the small Main Street sewing accessories shop of Rozália Lautmannová. Torn between his good-natured principles and his greedy wife Evelyna, he finally agrees to take over the shop by making the deaf and senile lady believe he is her nephew arriving to help her out. Yet he then discovers that the business is bankrupt, and Ms. Lautmannová is only relying on donations from the Jewish community. While letting his wife believe he is making money from the small shop, he gradually becomes a supporter of the old lady. More and more, a cordial relationship between the two evolves.


When the Slovak authorities finally decide to deport the Jewish population of the small town, Tóno, in a deep conflict with himself and his values, finally opts for hiding Ms. Lautmannová – a decision which turns into tragedy.


Obchod na korze won the ‘Oscar’ for Best Foreign Language Film in 1966.

Miloslav Szabó, historian, PhD in 2004 from the Charles University in Prague with a dissertation on Alfred Rosenberg, since 2007 study of the history of Slovak antisemitism at the Technische Universität in Berlin, scholarship recipient of the Gerda Henkel Stiftung and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, since 2011 engaged in a research project at the Jewish Museum in Prague, in 2013/2014 Research Fellow at the VWI


Jana Starek, Dr., historian; 1991-2004 Director of the Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Brno, Lecturer at the Masaryk-University in Brno and at the University of Vienna, author of studies and co-author of anthologies on the history of Austro-Czech relations, working at the VWI since September 2010


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