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László Csősz

EHRI-FELLOW (04/2019–05/2019)


The Strasshof Deportations as Reflected in Post-War Justice in Hungary


CSOSZThe research project Csősz is planning to undertake during the EHRI fellowship term is part of a larger project focusing on the so-called Strasshof deportations from Hungary to Austria in the summer of 1944 as well as on the fate of Hungarian Jewish women and men in Vienna and its vicinity between June 1944 and May 1945, and beyond. Specifically, he aims to contribute to the VWI project Jewish Slaves in a State “Free of Jews”: The Topography of the Hungarian-Jewish Forced Labour in Vienna in 1944-1945. Whereas the research team of the VWI offers a complex and multidisciplinary account on the fate of Jewish forced labourers and utilizes documents from Viennese archives as well as oral history sources, Csősz intends to explore the series of decisions and events leading to the special transports from Hungary to the Vienna region and the aftermath and legacy of the Strasshof deportations in Hungary, including the fate of the some ten thousand survivors of these events. This microhistory has several ramifications, which are intertwined with various debated fields of Holocaust scholarship, including post-war justice, the assessment of the activity of Jewish leadership during the Holocaust, Nazi-Zionist negotiations, the role of native perpetrators and “bystanders” and many other questions of detail.


László Csősz is historian and senior archivist at the Hungarian National Archives in Budapest, Hungary. He received a PhD in History from the University of Szeged in 2011. His main fields of research interest include the social history of the Jews in Hungary as well as antisemitic social and economic policies and the Holocaust in Hungary. Csősz is a national expert delegate at the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), and a contributor to the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) project.

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