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The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (VWI) library is a reference library, consisting of about 16,000 printed works and 120 audiovisual media. The library is accessible for the public upon appointment (by telephone or email); it is not possible to borrow library items. The substantial basic collection of Holocaust literature is focussed on publications from the German- and English-language realms. Unique works that are often unknown or hard to come by in Austria are successively being added. In extending our library, we are following a policy that is intended to establish the VWI library as a unique Viennese research institution on its subjects and era, regarding its regional focus and its concentration on early monographs on the murder of the Jews in Europe. In particular, a further focus will be placed on Eastern and Central Europe.


The VWI catalogue is part of the OPAC system of the Austrian Library Association (Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund) and is accessible online.


The personal book collection of Simon Wiesenthal (in the Simon Wiesenthal Archive), containing many rarities on the history of the Holocaust, will in the near future also be integrated into the VWI library, where it will be listed as a separate unit with its own signature.



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