International Academic Advisory Board


The VWI International Academic Advisory Board is made up of internationally recognised experts, at least nine of whom must be researching abroad and at most three of whom may be working in Austria. Like the Board of Directors, the Academic Advisory Board is elected for a period of three years by the General Assembly. The members of the Academic Board are distinguished persons who, beyond their academic qualifications in their respective fields, have a broad interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary range of experience with the treatment of the topics and tasks of the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute (VWI). The Academic Advisory Board has a key role in the design of the institute’s research and education programme.


The International Academic Advisory Board makes recommendations on:

  • core areas of research and education (in the shape of 3-year programmes),
  • award of fellowships,
  • award of research projects,
  • award of education projects (exhibitions, installations and other interventions in the public sphere, internet projects, education and seminar projects, etc.),
  • realisation of conferences and events series or of individual events for the professional public as well as the general public,
  • realisation of publication projects.


The Board of Director’s operative decisions are to concur with the recommendations made by the Academic Advisory Board. The Board’s decisions may only deviate from the Academic Advisory Board's recommendations for sound reasons. When planning the budget, the Board of Directors has to heed long-term research and education core areas.


Beyond that, the International Academic Advisory Board controls the quality of the research and education programme.


In order to fulfil the responsibilities entailed in its function, the International Academic Advisory Board meets at least once a year, with the meetings held in Vienna. The International Academic Advisory Board is free to invite further co-opted members and to delegate decisions to those. Candidates for this role include – but are not limited to – artists and writers whose contribution is to ensure that questions of presentation and education may be treated innovatively.


Current members of the International Academic Advisory Board are:

Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs (Jagiellonian University , Cracow)

Peter Black (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington)

Gustavo Corni (Università degli Studi di Trento, Trento)

Susanne Heim (Editionsprojekt Judenverfolgung 1933-1945)

Robert Graham Knight (Loughborough University, Leicestershire)

Dan Michman (Yad Vashem, Jerusalem)

Dirk Moses (European University Institute, Florence)

Robert Jan van Pelt (University of Waterloo, Ontario)

Irina Scherbakowa (International Society Memorial, Moskau)

Sybille Steinbacher (University of Vienna)

Dominique Trimbur (Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, Paris)

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