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Philipp Dinkelaker

Junior Fellow (10/2021-06/2022)


‘Jewish Collaboration’? – Honor Court, Criminal Court and Compensation Trials Against Shoah Survivors in post-National Socialist Germany


DinkelakerMy PhD project deals with moral-ethical accusations and criminal proceedings against German-Jewish survivors of the Shoah, who were perceived as Nazi -collaborators ̨ in Cold War Germany. I analyze how German-Jewish survivors and the two German postwar societies treated Jews, who had been forced by the Nazis to hurt other Jews and embed this analysis into the wider picture of German Vergangenheitsbewältigung. With a new combination of sources, I show that accused survivors were not only brought to inner-Jewish honor courts. A considerable number of alleged Jewish Gestapo helpers was held accountable by German or Soviet law enforcement after the war, while the actual Gestapo perpetrators mostly got away.


Philipp Dinkelaker is a historian from Berlin, who recently published a monograph about the Sammellager Synagoge Levetzowstraße (a detention camp for Jews) in Nazi-Berlin. He is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at the Technical University of Berlin and has been a Junior Fellow at the Center for Holocaust-Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich.


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