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26. Juni 2017 08:00 - 30. Juli 2017 23:59
CfP - Simon Wiesenthal ConferenceCall for Papers: Simon Wiesenthal Conference 2017: (In)Glorious Victims? Challenging the Paradigms of Memory Politics in Europe
Vienna, 27 November – 29 November 2017   Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien (VWI)   Martyrdom has a long tradition in European culture. In the nineteenth century, the cult of death became a major symbolic element of nation-building, shifting the focus from ...Weiterlesen...
28. Juni 2017 18:00
VWI invites/goes to...Sarah Cramsey: Uncertain Citizenship – Jewish Belonging and the “Ethnic Revolution” in Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1917–1947
VWI goes to the Czech Centre Vienna Usually, the creation of the State of Israel is cast as a story that begins with Herzl and is brought to fulfilment by the Holocaust. My book project, Uncertain Citizenship: Jewish Belonging and the “Ethnic Revolution” in Poland and Czechoslovakia,...Weiterlesen...
14. November 2017 18:30
Simon Wiesenthal LectureBrendan MacGeever: The Bolsheviks and Antisemitism in the Russian Revolution
The Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 with the promise of building a world free of class exploitation and other forms of oppression and domination. In the very moment of revolution, however, these sentiments were put to the test as a devastating wave of anti-Jewish violence broke out a...Weiterlesen...

Beiträge des VWI zur Holocaustforschung


Band 3Band 4Johanna Gehmacher/Klara Löffler (Hg.) 


Storylines and Blackboxes  

Autobiografie und Zeugenschaft in der Nachgeschichte von Nationalsozialismus und
Zweitem Weltkrieg 


Wien 2017

Band 3Band 3Regina Fritz/Grzegorz Rossolinks-Liebe/Jana Starek (Hg.) 


Alma Mater Antisemitica  

Akademisches Milieu, Juden und Antisemitismus an den
Universitäten Europas zwischen 1918 und 1939 

Alma Mater Antisemitica 

Academic Milieu, Jews and Antisemitism at European
Universities between 1918 and 1939 


Wien 2016

Band 2Band 2Regina Fritz/Éva Kovács/Béla Rásky (Hg.) 


Als der Holocaust noch keinen Namen hatte.
Zur frühen Aufarbeitung des NS-Mordes an Jüdinnen und Juden

Before the Holocaust Had Its Name.
Early Confrontations of the Nazi Mass Murder of the Jews


Wien 2016

Band 1Band 1Béla Rásky/Verena Pawlowsky (Hg.)


Partituren der Erinnerung. 
Der Holocaust in der Musik

Scores of Commemoration. 
The Holocaust in Music


Wien 2015


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